Weekly Workout Recap

I am on a quest to lose the last 12 pounds (Yay! I’ve already lost 43 pounds!) I have been using The 21 Day Fix for portion control and clean eating.  I am doing the workouts, although not following the calendar schedule verbatim. This month I am using The 21 Day Fix app (for iPhone) rather than my self made log (Search BeachBody in the app store). I wear my FitBit everyday. My son (E) recently started a summer school program, to help prevent regression from his therapy, prior to his full day program in September.  Since this will be happening for 6 weeks, I am taking full advantage.  After I drop him off, my daughter (Miss ME) and I go for walk, then I work out and have my Shakeology.

This is my plan on my days I’m not working.

Interested in improving your heath? Contact me!

SO, here is my Weekly Recap (Monday-Monday):

Monday: 2.5 Mile walk, 21 Day Lower Fix, FitBit Steps = 10,517


10 pound weights #21DAYFIX #FINDYOURSTRONG

Tuesday: 21 Day Total Body Cardio,  Fix FitBit Steps = 10,961 (no walk-raining)

Wednesday: Work, FitBit Steps = 12,136

Thursday: 2.5 Mile Walk, 21 Day Upper Fix, FitBit Steps = 13,315 IMG_0337

Friday: Work, FitBit Steps = 11,104

Saturday:  4 mile run, FitBit Steps = 13,846

Longest with this watch.

Longest with this watch.

Sunday: 2.15 mile run in DISGUSTING HUMIDITY, FitBit Steps = ?? Battery diedIMG_0361

Have a good week!!

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