Crochet Determination

Or a Battle of Will.

There is NO reason this project should have taken me this long.

When I ran out of yarn for my C2C, I decided to raid my stash and make my daughter this cute Colour Block Poncho from Inside Crochet Issue 65.


As I was crocheting along, it started to become ridiculously ruffled.


Oooooo, yes, I was using the wrong hook size for my yarn weight.

So, I frogged back to the cowl and started again with the correct size hook.

Still ridiculously ruffled.

Color me confused.

I read, reread, reread again the pattern.  It still doesn’t make sense to me.

So I frogged again.


This time, on Round 4, I did 3 DC into the middle DC of the Round 3.  This is probably EXACTLY what the pattern says to do. However, when I did what the pattern said (*miss 1 st, 3DC in next st*, repeat **) it did not work for me and never looked like the picture. I just don’t think my brain was getting this very simple pattern.

This very simple project (which should have taken a few hours) took me days upon days upon days.  I just couldn’t give up.

So, here is my very HARD EARNED poncho!!


Colour Block Poncho

Colour Block Poncho


Yarn: StyleCraft Special DK and KnitPicks Brava Sport.  4mm Crochet Hook.

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