A Running Geek

I am a book geek.

Yes, I am.

So, what to do when I come across an online running club that combines one of my favorite book series and races?

Register for a race!

The Hogwarts Running Club creates virtual races to raise money for charity.

I have registered for the following race:

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Hogwarts Running Club is pleased to announce our fifth event of 2015:
The Platform 9 3/4k (Year Two)!!
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen…It’s back! As we’ve been saying for months, Hogwarts is a magical place…you never know what may return.
All proceeds from this event will support the Harry Potter Alliance and their Accio Books! campaign, which has donated more than 200,000 books to underprivileged or underserved readers since 2009.
Participants will receive an awesome two-sided custom medal with the original Platform 9 3/4k design on the front and Harry & Ron’s Year Two adventure on the back! The medal is on a custom sublimated ribbon and all participants will be able to download (at http://www.HogwartsRunningClub.org) a personalized ticket for the Hogwarts Express (which looks a lot like a digital race bib) with the name and number of their choice.
While you can complete the distance any time you want, we are encouraging as many people as possible to complete their 9 3/4k (or 6.058 miles) on Tuesday, 1 September as that is the day that Harry and Ron missed the train at King’s Cross Station and had to “borrow” the flying Ford Anglica to get to Hogwarts. Again, this is just a fun suggestion…you can complete your distance any time you’d like!

This is a win win!

I have a goal to work towards in my running and help raise money for books!

(I am using Galloway’s 10K running plan.)

Keep on reading and running!

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