A BIG problem.

I know all kids have incidents of wandering, but with an Autistic child this takes on an entire new meaning.

Like many Autistic kids, my son does not seem to have a sense of danger.

This was evident this week.  He figured out the locks and was found several streets away.

What is worse, is it happened while I was at work.  I feel horrible for those taking care of him that day.  I know and understand how easily this happened.

So, what to do.

Autism Speaks is a wonderful resource.  Click here for  a list of ideas to prevent wandering and for safety ideas.

Here are few things we are doing:

~ I have ordered an Alert Me Band.  This is a waterproof, childproof bracelet that lists the following information:

Incase of Emergency Contact Mom (phone #), Dad (phone #), Autism, Non Verbal, Wander.

For E’s love of trains, this is a blue bracelet with a choo-choo train on it.

~ I am purchasing magnetic door alarms (now that he has figured out locks) and locks that can be placed at the top of the door.

~ Replacing all our door knobs that have push button locks (so he can’t lock me out of the house-he did manage to lock me out yesterday).

~ I am also preparing paperwork (found on the Autism Speaks website) regarding his wandering practices for his school and our local police and fire station.

~ One last suggestion, that I am taking to heart, is to take a picture of E anytime we are leaving the house and going to a place that could be a potential problem.  That way I know exactly what he is wearing.

I know all parents fear getting separated from their child, so a lot of these tips can be helpful for any parent.

However, when your child is non verbal and doesn’t respond to his name if he’s in “the zone”, it is terrifying.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share.

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