Yarn Along


I have enjoyed thistle bear’s Yarn Along each Wednesday.

Created by Ginny at Small Things, the idea is that you take one picture to show what book you are currently reading and what project you are currently working on.

Since my brother died, I have had trouble concentrating.  I am a voracious reader, but lately haven’t been able to concentrate and quickly zone out when reading…needing to flip back pages to remind myself of what is happening in the story.

I have been following the weekly Yarn Along and thought this would be a great way to help me get my concentration back.

So, like a brand new reader I am setting my iPad timer for 20-30 minutes each night and reading.  The only expectation at this time is that I am consistent in the 20-30 minutes daily.

This is quite a change for me as I usually I read three books at once (a book I read at work on breaks, a book on my iPad to carry with me at all times, and a book on my nightstand).  Hopefully, I’ll return to that.

My current read is Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart.

I heard Amy interviewed on NPR regarding this book, which is based on a true story, and immediately put in a hold at the library.

Since I seem to be crocheting more than reading these days, I am happy I have my ATB CAL to work on.

I am currently on Inning 10 (only behind by one week).

Loving this blanket and the entire process!

Happy Reading, Crocheting & Knitting!

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9 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Becki says:

    I love your Noir-inspired picture. Your loss has been great and I am so sorry. Making yourself read a bit at a time sounds like a good idea. You will, no doubt, one day find yourself engrossed again in a story. I imagine crocheting is a soothing activity. Even in black and white your blanket looks lovely.


  2. Lindsay says:

    Hey, that’s the book I’m reading this week too! What do you think so far? I didn’t even realize it was based on a true story until I got it from the library and read the book jacket. The cover’s what pulled me in! I’m around page 175 or so. It’s getting interesting! 🙂


  3. Jennifer says:

    How funny, I just saw the same book in Lindsay’s post a few minutes ago and I wondered why I was getting her post twice in my feed. Yarn Along sure is bringing us yarny folks together. 🙂 I look forward to hearing more about this book, it looks like one I’d really enjoy. I hope you’re having a good week!


  4. Linda says:

    My condolences on the loss of your brother, what would we do without crochet it has got me through so many difficult times in my life, your blanket is looking great it’s my first time joining in with yarn along it’s a great way to get book recommendations I must look this one up. 🙂


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