Around the Bases CAL Update

Innings 1-9

Innings 1-9

I am loving the Around the Bases CAL!

I have completed Innings 1-9.

I have particularly loved the Star Stitch and the Asian Fan Stitch.  Both are stitches I did for the first time with this project.

Inning 7: Cable Stitch

Inning 7

Inning 7

In this inning I could really tell a difference between my three different yarn choices.  Although all three yarns (LionBrand Heartland, Loops & Threads, and KnitPicks Brava) were all worsted weight, you can see how the second and third rounds look “thicker” than the 1st round (tan color).  I think that first round (tan) looks neater.

Inning 8:  Chained Fences

Inning 8

Inning 8

My stitch count was off and I have decided not to stress over stitch counts.

When in doubt, add a row of SC to even out the stitch count!  So you can see, that is what I did.  This put me in Team A (I was in Team B on Inning 5).  I chose to use only one color for this Inning (LionBrand Heartland).

Then onto Inning 9: Asian Fan Stitch

Inning 9

Inning 9

I really liked doing this stitch!

I used RedHeart Soft and Willow Wash for this Inning.


I am currently working on Inning 10: Grannies.

Happy Crocheting!

Find me on Ravelry: MrsMcD918

Yarns Used: KnitPicks Brava, LionBrand Heartland, Loops & Threads, RedHeart Soft, Willow Wash

Crochet Hook: Furls 5mm

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