A Day with The Shibaguyz


I was incredibly lucky to be able to take a two classes with Shannon and Jason aka The Shibaguyz.

image image image

If you ever have an opportunity in your area to take a class, run don’t walk to the class.

I can honestly say I laughed non-stop from 9am to 4pm, learned so much and left feeling like I had made two new friends.

This class was hosted by Craftworks in Northborough, MA.

Although it was open to anyone who wanted to take the classes, all the participants were members of my local Crochet Group-Fishnet Crocheters.

Several times at Barnes & Noble, I have looked through The Shibaguyz latest book: Designer Crochet.  However, I always put it down because I was so intimidated by the techniques used.  Now I feel I can tackle any project in the book (knowing it will take me ages to finish a project, but willing to take it on all the same).


We had two classes with Shannon:

Advanced Cables and Non Stick Lace.


I had purchased Shannon’s Craftsy.com class Quick & Easy Cables with the intention of finishing the class prior to Advanced Cables.  Unfortunately, life got int he way and I didn’t even start the Craftsy class.  However, I had no problem keeping up during the Advanced Cables class.

How are Shannon’s cables different? He doesn’t use any back post stitches!  This makes the back of the “fabric” flat and less bulky.  The class focused on reading charts and creating lovely cables.

image image image

The second class, Non Stick Lace, was a complete departure for me.  I had never attempted BroomStick Lace, but have always loved the look so I was eager to take this class.  Several projects in Designer Crochet use this technique and the results are stunning.

Non Stick Lace couldn’t be easier once you get the technique down.  I LOVE it!  I have some fine weight yarn in my stash and I’m going to make a scarf using this technique.

image image image


Several examples of their garments were on display and I was able to try on the Two Way Top.  LOVE this sweater!

imageimage image image image image

(Many of the customers who came by for drop in knitting at the same time as the classes couldn’t believe the garments were crochet)

How did these classes come about?  The Shibaguyz were teaching in NY and a member of Fishnet Crocheters and employee of Cratworks contacted them to see if they would be willing to swing by MA to teach.  We are so glad they said yes! They teach at craft festivals all over the country so keep an eye out and be sure to sign up for a class or two…you won’t regret it!

Thank you Shannon & Jason! image

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