Knitter’s Devastation

Well, I taught myself to knit incorrectly.

Yup, only I could do this.

I honestly can’t even really tell you what I’ve done, except that I know I am putting my right needle through the stitches incorrectly.

This is causing me to have purl stitches on the right and wrong side.


When I asked a friend at work “how do I tell the difference between the right and wrong side?”, my poor friend kept trying to tell me the knit side and purl side were quite apparent.  I told her  “jeez they look the same to me”.

Well, one night I was home alone, the kids were in bed, I had a lovely glass of wine and the tv all to myself.  I took out my trusty Get Started Knitting book to look up something.  Flipping through I saw that my knit stitch looked just like a purl stitch.  I then jumped on Youtube to watch some how-to  videos.  Yup, I’m doing it completely wrong.

So, although my Triangle Shawl looks nice, I really don’t want to continue it.  More for the reason that I’m afraid if I don’t break this bad habit now, it will become ingrained in me. So I’ll be frogging the scarf (what is it called in knitting anyway?  Frogging in crochet) and will use the yarn for another project.

Heck, I may even retry the Triangle Shawl again!

Happy Knitting & Crocheting!

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