A Sincere Thank You

Holiday parties.



As the parents of a 2 & 3 year old, parties are stressful.  You are chasing kids around, making sure they aren’t eating tinsel off the tree, stealing food off the table, tripping your older relatives by being underfoot, and dealing with the eventual melt down of missed naps and too many cookies.

As the parents of an autistic child, parties are stressful.

All the above applies, plus the change in your child’s routine, sensory issues, noise, textures and frankly being out of a comfort zone.

Thanksgiving was easier (if not easy).  We were at my parent’s home (AKA Gramma and Grampa’s house).  Somewhere where there is a cabinet for E’s favorite toys, a spot he uses to “hide” to decompress, basically he is in a comfort zone at their house.

Today was my Dad’s side of the family Christmas Party.

Hosted by my lovely cousin and her husband, it is always a nice time.

I can only say a sincere Thank You to my cousin and her husband.

They both went out of their way to make this an easy party for us and our son.

They had Thomas the Tank Engine trains and tracks at the ready (in fact, sent them home with us), they brought crayons and coloring books outside by the swing set (heck, they even brought a table and chairs outside), and they had shows for both my son and daughter cued up on the DVR.  We didn’t have to take out the iPad once.  Not once!  This has never happened!

I know they have small children of their own and they probably think these things are  just “normal”  to do when you have people with young kids over.  Please, please hear me when I say Thank You.  To them I say, a very sincere Thank You.  You allowed my husband and me to sit with our family and talk, enjoy our meal and share some family time.

You may not realize it, but you did a huge thing today Christine & Sean.

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