Woodland Cowl

Many months ago a friend posted a picture to my Facebook account.

It was one of those animal cowls made for children.  So many people commented, “I’d love it if you’d make one for me”.

Much time went by, but on Cyber Monday Sincerely Pam was having a sale on patterns and I quickly bought Woodland Friends Hooded Cowl (among other of her fabulous patterns!).

I decided to surprise a friend with a cowl for her three year old.

This is a well written pattern and includes pictures.



The only part I had trouble with were the ears (this was not the fault of the pattern).


Since I was on a time constraint, I found this free tutorial on Youtube and used the cat ears in the tutorial.  Also, I wanted to use fun fur for the interior of the ears, but found it a difficult yarn to work with (any tips on using this type of yarn?).



It was a well received gift and I am so pleased it brightened someone’s day!


Happy Crocheting & Knitting!

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