Yarn Along


Well, I made no progress on last weeks selection, Our Souls at Night.

I had great intentions, but the holiday and receiving a much wanted book as a gift sent Our Souls at Night into the “to read” pile.

This week I am reading In the Unlikely Event by the wonderful Judy Blume.  I love it so far.  A gift from my mom, I’m happy I have it in hard cover rather than on my Nook.  So many characters, I have found myself having to flip back a few pages to remind myself who some characters are.

This weeks project is a selfish “for me” project before I begin all my winter  projects (mermaid tail afghan, afghan for my husband and my charity blanket).

Project: Tin Can Knits Wheat Scarf

Yarn: Good ‘ole Red Heart Super Saver in Oatmeal.

Needles: 6mm bamboo

I was going to make this in a more luxurious yarn, but as this is only my second project I decided to go with Super Saver so it doesn’t “slide” off my needles so easily.

Also, I belong to Red Heart Lovers on Ravelry and January’s CAL/KAL is any cowl you want to make.  So, I am going to make this into a cowl rather than a scarf for myself!

Joining Ginny’s weekly Yarn Along (books and projects).

Happy Reading, Crocheting & Knitting

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4 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Cheyanne says:

    A “for me” project is not selfish! It’s necessary! Take some time to make something wonderful for yourself!

    Says the woman that made one scarf for herself. Ever. About 2 years ago. 🙂


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      Lol! I tend to give away everything I make, which may just happen with this cowl too!
      I saw a list of books on your blog and downloaded The House on Mango Street via overdrive! Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Elise and Life says:

    Love that yarn! I read that book a few months ago and really liked it – I think I found it through a Yarn Along recommendation! 🙂


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