Nutrition Reboot

So far, my exercise plan for 2016 has been right on track.

I have been doing at least two runs per week.  I joined our local YMCA and have become a Monday Night Spin regular. I have been doing 21 Day Fix workouts and 90% of the time have been exceeding my daily step goal.

However, my food and nutrition have been lacking.

Time for that to change.  I never felt as good as when I was eating clean using The 21 Day Fix program.

Officially, I am starting 21 Day Fix Extreme tomorrow. Today I’ll be recording my weight and my measurements.


Today was all about food prep.

Mostly recipes from Fixate, I am set for some healthy/portion size controlled eating this week.


Today I made the following:

Hardboiled eggs

Steel cut oats with organic brown sugar

Fixate Quinoa Salad (to be used as a side or main dish with shredded chicken)

Shredded Chicken to use for Fixate Chicken Salad and Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Fixate Honey Mustard Dressing, to use for chicken salad (Delicious!)

Taco meat to use with Zoodles and Zucchini boats

Fixate Peanutty Peanut Butter Squares (sweet tooth control)

I have lots of fruit ready for Shakelolgy smoothies, quick snacks and sides at lunch.  I also have almonds ready for snack at work.

Eating healthy is a challenge and its best if I am not caught unprepared.

Hopefully, I’ll survive the Extreme workouts!

Have a great week!



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