Learning to knit

In an effort to learn to knit, I have completed my Asymmetrical Knit Wrap by Kimberlees Korner.


This was a great choice.  Lots of knit stitch, knit front/back and binding off every 10th row.



I used stash yarn- Lion Brand Jiffy in Ozark Forrest and 6mm circular needles.

I now feel confident enough to tackle Caitlin ffrench’s Terribly Simple pattern in fingering weight.  I plan on using Shachenmayr Bravo Color for this project!


Last night was the end of Downton Abbey and I loved the series and the final episode.

Last week, I had purchased some Downton Abbey Lady Sybil Yarn on sale, and last night I started Lilla Bjorn’s Windy Morning Shawlette.  Renaming it my Downton Abby Ending Shawlette.


Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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6 thoughts on “Learning to knit

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi there, thank you for linking up! I’m so impressed with your shawl. I’m not much of a knitter yet, and I don’t think I could ever produce something so nice. I need a lot more practice first. Wear it well!


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