Sometimes, all it takes to lift your mood is a little pampering by a good friend.

I am lucky enough to have family members who own a salon in Boston’s North End: Bow & Arrow A Beauty Collective.

I am more than lucky that they take care of my hair and my skin.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, my cut and color had to be postponed twice (a nasty tooth problem and burst pipes at the salon during a recent cold snap).

So, if I’m not at work or wearing a bun in my house, I have been living in hats.  My gray was shining through my growing out brown base color, my purple had faded significantly, my bangs were out of control (and somewhat crooked due to my, ahem, particularly bad home bang cut) and my hair was frizzzzzzy.


Then the day of my appointment arrived!!

Hallelujah!!  Choirs sang, rainbows appeared!

In I went, Kellyn ready to work her magic.

Lovely brown base color (I have no idea what my real color is after so many years of dyeing it).

Then the tips and undercut were bleached.


Lovely vivid purple applied.

Cut, blow dry and BAM, a new woman!



Ahhhhhhhh 🙂

I am once again “that mom with the purple hair”!

By the way, Kellyn has an unbelievable photo light in the salon.  I hate having my picture taken, but actually like these after photos!

Follow everyone on instagram at:

@MrsMcD918 (me)

@kellynloveshair (awesome “before and afters”…Kellyn loves color!)

@skincarebyjill (great pictures of brows & skin repair).


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