Random, nice moments

A few weeks ago, we went to Castle Island in South Boston to celebrate spring coming (which means opening weekend at Sullivan’s).

While my husband was in line to get the food (which stretched on forever), I occupied E and Miss ME.

Along the path that encircles the fort, there are big square boulders that are used as benches and tables.  Now, my son LOVES rocks, pebbles, boulders, basically anything made of stone so he was in his glories.


While he was doing his thing, I noticed a family coming towards us.  I would guess that the son was about 15 years old.  He was walking a determined path down the center of the stone boulders, being assisted by his dad.  As they approached our boulder, the mom started to explain that he had autism and needed to climb over our boulder.  Actually, part of what she said was:”sorry, he’s kinda like Monk if you’ve seen that show”.

I smiled and said: “No need to explain, I completely understand”.  She watched my son and smiled and said: “Yes, I guess you do”.

They started to walk away, both she and her husband stopped and turned around.

She called out “Mom, it does get better.  It will be wonderful and you are doing a great job!”.

I needed that.  I really needed that in light of recent changes in our family.

So, thank you to those strangers…you brightened this mom’s day.

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