Shawl Knit Along with Marly Bird

I am joining’s Garter Stitch Shawl Knit Along, hosted by Marly Bird.

I decided to use the suggested yarn (RedHeart Soft) and needle size so that I stay on track with the pattern.  Originally, I wanted to use stash DK yarn and smaller needles but as a new knitter I thought it was best to do as the instructor says!

Starting March 30th, Marly will be posting a video and written pattern for each section of the shawl.  A great way to learn new stitches, there is also a Facebook group page to post pictures and questions (Marly has already posted answers to many questions).

Don’t know how to knit?  Marly is currently hosting a video series (found on her YouTube channel) where she is teaching her mom how to knit.  Intro video found here, Lesson #1 found here.  What I loved about the first lesson (besides her and her mom laughing so much) was the very direct way she teaches.  Honestly, hearing someone say: “lay your needle in your quacker” sounds silly, but if you watch and do it, you are holding the needle correctly.  The cameral angle is great for seeing what she is doing.

You need 2 balls of your main color and one ball each of accent colors.

Now for my color choices:

My inspiration for my shawl was The Nordic Shawl by Annette Ceccarelli of My Rose Valley.  I have LOVED this shawl ever since I saw it years ago (why I have never made it, I have no idea).  Although I would have loved a pink accent color, none was available where I purchased my yarn (I’ll keep my eye’s open in case I find it before the KAL starts).


I chose a base color of Wheat, a main accent color of Turquoise and Coral as my minor accent color.



I have used RedHeart Soft for a crochet shawl and it is warm, soft and washes well.  As my skills grow, I would love to make a shawl in fingering weight (one that can be worn on a cool summers night).

I hope many of you choose to join the KAL and I look forward to seeing everyone’s finished shawls!

Happy Knitting!

Find me on Ravelry: MrsMcD918


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