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Ever since I saw Mikey from The Crochet Crowd asking “anything from the trolley dears” while pushing an IKEA Raskog Utility cart, I have coveted one!

(extra points to you if you know where that line is from!)

A few weeks ago, Miss ME and I went to IKEA with no plan in mind.

We wandered the store, put a lamp, light bulbs, a fake plant, measuring spoons, magazine holders and a circus tent in our cart and headed for the check out.  Right before getting in line I remembered the cart.

Onto the computer we went, located the aisle and shelf.

Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with turquoise (the lamp and magazine holders in the cart were both turquoise).  So, that is the color I picked.

My husband and I are pretty much opposites.  Where I have a lot of “stuff” and would prefer to have my walls entirely lined with bookshelves, he would prefer if there was absolutely nothing on our counters, coffee tables, side tables, bedside tables, and only enough seating for 4 people.

Case in point:

His bedside table:  a lamp, a picture of our kids (that I put there) and maybe a magazine.

My bedside table: a lamp, a very large stack of books, water bottles, jewelry holders (two), headphones, iPad, tissues, knitting project bag and three pairs of glasses (reading in bed glasses, around the house glasses and my “real” glasses).  Forget the drawers.

Our house is organized and things are put away.  I really do use the coffee maker, Ninja blender, KitchenAid mixer that live on our kitchen counter.  I just have a lot of stuff.

One thing I do agree with him is my crochet and knitting project bags ended up scattered all over the house.  The kids would get into them, yarn would be strewn and my daughter would be playing “drums” with my wood knitting needles.

All that has changed with the cart!

Although, I’m sure he wasn’t happy I was bringing in yet another “thing”, it is much better to have my crafts organized and put away.

The cart looked more complicated to put together as I took it out of the box than it actually was.  The middle shelf is adjustable and the entire thing rolls very easily on hardwood floors or the carpet.

Now my pattern books (in the purchased magazine holders), my ball winder, current projects and my YarnPop bag where I keep hooks and notions are all organized in the cart.


image image


I LOVE it!!  So does Miss ME!

image image image

Now to tackle all the yarn that lives in my closet…maybe another two of these carts would help that problem!

I’m sure my friend Tracey @ A Girl and Her Bins is proud of me 🙂

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