It is the little things…

It is the little things you need to think about.

For example-locks.

Today we had all new doorknob locks installed on our downstairs kitchen closets and our basement door.

Left: New outer knob, Right: New inner knob

We have two issues:

  1. Finding our son, aka “The Wanderer”, in the basement.  Not only the fear of him getting out of the basement and garage, but he managed to turn off our boiler during the winter.  No heat equals an emergency call to the heating company, which equals the embarrassment of hearing “do you have a little kid?”.  On the plus side, while the heating person was here, he did notice a problem, fixed it and has saved us a ton of money this winter…that was after he flicked the switch on the boiler that we had not noticed E had turned off….sigh.
  2. We have no safe place to put our food, medications and cleaning chemicals (he’s figured out cabinet locks).  Many times I find E with 3 open yogurts, open cookies or a loaf of bread half gone.  Anyone coming in our house would think we are nuts.  There is food kept in the microwave (because he can’t get at that) and on the top shelf of all the cabinets.  That worked for a bit, but now he has built up his upper body strength (in secret it seems) and is able to get up on the counters and into all the shelves in the cabinets.  I found him running around with the ibuprofen syringe (that had been in a closed bin on the top shelf).  The “out of reach items” have over taken most space and now we have no where to keep the simple things like glasses and bowls.

A call to a local locksmith was made.  Same day service and great advice on what to do (key locks instead of big deadbolts at the top off the doors).  Thank you Expert Locksmith of Foxboro!

As a bonus, a handy dandy tool to pop open the bathroom push locks if anyone locks themselves in.


Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!

Now, to find a solution of locking the refrigerator.

Our current solution:


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