A Lovely Weekend

Saturday was beautiful here in good ole’ Massachusetts!

We spent the morning planting flowers and doing yard work.


E helped move all the plants from the garage, dig the holes, and pat down the soil.


Miss ME picked all the flowers, sat on them, and trampled them.  Typical 2 year old!


Next weekend, mulch and working on the backyard.

I then went into the North End to Bow and Arrow to have my hair cut and colored, sticking with vivid purple and an undercut!  I also purchased their new line of skin care products-Jessa Skin Care (all natural, vegan, cruelty free).

I was on call Sunday and called in at 930am.  However, the patient didn’t arrive until 130pm.  I had a lot of time to work on my Nordic Garter Stitch Shawl!



I have been searching for the perfect pattern (crochet) to use my lovely Jazz Handz yarn.  Sunday morning I received an ear burn on Ravelry from The Knot Theorist to pattern test a new pattern for her.  Problem solved!  I will be using Jazz Handz Rainbow Sherbet for her Dragonfruit Shawl.  I am excited to start!


Happy Crocheting & Knitting!


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