Workout Recap

The week started with a bang-The Run For Recovery.

The very first race of the Boston Bulldogs Running Club.

A group of us from work did this and it was a great race with a very emotional vigil after.

I had not been running much and I was almost the last finisher, but hey, I finished!


(there are more people behind…I wasn’t THAT much at the back of the pack!)

I also did 22 Minute Hard Corps Cardio I and Resistance I several times this week (my kids hid my 21 Day Fix DVDs…found yesterday thank goodness).

I did a few  treadmill runs, breaking in my new Sauconys (bright sneakers make me smile!).



I finished the week with a really great trail run with my friend Laurie.

Unfortunately, my I forgot my Forerunner and my app did not track my mileage.  I believe it was about 3 miles, but honestly I don’t care…it was just a fun run in the woods!


I am so proud of Laurie! She did a couch to 5K program to be able to run The Run for Recovery and now she is leaving me (literally) in her dust!

There is a great farm/forest near her house and we’ve agreed to try to do a weekly weekend run.  So much more enjoyable running through nature than down my busy street.

Have a good weekend!

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