Day to Day

With two small kids, every day is busy and full of wonder and learning.

We’ve discovered a new musical instrument-the piano!

Sincere apologies to my aunt and uncle for all the noise.



We saw our niece graduate high school!

Apologies to other audience members, we tried to keep them corralled.  We really did.

Eamon and Daddy at Graduation

Eamon at Graduation




Miss ME had her hearing check up.

Oh boy, so sorry to the staff and other patients for the unbelievable screaming, we only managed to get a quick look in the ears during all of that…no actual testing or measurements accomplished.   She did acquire a jaunty cap though…anything to at least get the ears looked at.  Next check up, one year-phew.



Finally, some fun with legos and books.  No apologies here, she was very well behaved during this!



More appointments coming up this week, but all is good!

Thank you to Kelly at Kellyn Loves Hair for teaching me how to synch my camera to my phone!

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