Finally Finished!

A long time ago, I joined’s Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl Knit Along.

I have finally finished!



This is my biggest knit project since I started knitting this past year.

Is it perfect, heck no, but I am tickled pink by it!

My color inspiration was this crochet Nordic Shawl:image

I took it to work last week and a friend (a knitting guru) fixed my dropped stitches for me.  This weekend, Sunday was a pure “stay in your pjs” rain day, so I was able to get many additional rows completed.

I did change it up a bit from the original pattern.  I learned that I’m not much of a fan of purling, so Section II/Mini Section III I changed to all garter stitch in a solid color (wheat).  I’m sure as I knit more, I’ll get used to purling.


Once I started Section III, honestly, I was ready for this project to be over.  So, I chose to do just a few rows of garter stitch again.

There were a heck of a lot of ends to weave in (not my favorite thing to do).


I am glad that I took the time to do the I-Cord bind off though. It was a great learning experience.  Marly’s video tutorial found here.

It really does give it a nice finished look, and it is super stretchy.



Even though I ended at a shorter length, it is perfect for me.  I plan to wear this during the winter as a scarf, it wraps nicely without being too bulky!


Find me on Ravelry: MrsMcD918

Pattern: Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl

Yarn: RedHeart Soft in Coral, Wheat and Turquoise

Needles: Deborah Norville Circular US 9

Linked to: Moogly HOHD, USS Crafty, The Crafting Nook, Life and Lydia, Sew Can Do, Flamingo Toes, VMG 206, The Stitchin Mommy, Live Randomly Simple

9 thoughts on “Finally Finished!

  1. Lisa Silfwerbrand says:

    I love it! I know that feeling of a project that never seems to end… I have been working on a rag rug for what seems like an eternity 😉 You did a beautiful job! Thanks so much for linking this up to our Bewitchin’ Projects Block Party! Hugs, Lisa


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