On a whim…

At the library I saw Trisha Yearwood’s Trisha’s Table on the shelf.

I love her cooking show, so into my book pile it went.

Rarely do I actually have all the ingredients for a recipe the day I take out the cookbook, but I did this time!

In fact, I had been looking for a recipe for some ground turkey I picked up at Trader Joes.

Perfect base for her Cornbread-Chili Casserole.


Seriously, when do you ever have Jiffy Cornbread mix in the pantry?  Yet, there it was sitting on the shelf!

Easy to make:




Quick to bake:


Yummy with some cheddar cheese and a dollop of greek yogurt:


Looking for a good dessert?

I recommend Trisha’s Key Lime Cake!  Soooooo good!

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