A Bookstore Afternoon

Today I spent a lovely, lazy afternoon at my local bookstore-An Unlikely Story.

They were hosting an author event, hearing Elizabeth George (author of the Inspector Lynley series) discuss her process of writing English crime novels.

I met a friend and we sat and listened and laughed as Ms. George discussed why she sets her books in England, how she does research and how she comes up with her characters.


It was a thoroughly pleasant few hours!

I had seen the Inspector Lynley series on PBS and had read a few of the novels.  However, I never read the first in the series.  So, I purchased the book.



I also purchased another Nora Ephron book (well, just because I just love them!).


Also, on Friday, I listened to On Point with Tom Ashbrook and I found the discussion interesting.  He was speaking to John Donvan and Caren Zucker, authors of In a Different Key, The Story of Autism. I had heard of the book before and had been wanting to purchase it.  There it was in the “Heard on NPR” section at the bookstore.  Into my pile it went.


However, my poor baby girl Miss ME seemed to catch E’s sickness from earlier in the week.  So after a few bouts of vomiting, she is now napping next to me while I read.

The rest of the day will be spent watching my girl sleep.



5 thoughts on “A Bookstore Afternoon

  1. keepingupwithlaura says:

    I am sooo Jealous (yes, with a capital J). I love the Inspector Lynley series and wait for each time that a new book in the series is published. What an awesome event to be able to attend!
    Hope your littles are both feeling better quickly.


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