Busy Girl Shawl

Sometimes, the best laid plans don’t work out.

In this case, the chosen yarn was just not right for the project.

I purchased Mamachee’s Busy Bitch Shawl pattern (which I am going to call Busy Girl Shawl…I am not a fan of the given name) and planned on using a skein of Expression Fiber Arts shimmering cashmere/silk yarn.

Hmmmm, it just didn’t work.

A while back, I had started Caitlyn Ffrench’s Terrible Simple knit shawl using Schachenmayr Bravo Color yarn.  It has sat untouched for quite a while.

Neither of these projects were working for me (I do plan on finishing the Terribly Simple shawl).


So, I used the Shachenmayr yarn for my Busy Girl Shawl.


Score, it worked well!

Loved making this pattern!


Well written and easy, worth the price as I know for a fact I will be making another.


I know I’ll be making another due to another problem.

Either I have a huge noggin or the designer has a tiny noggin.

There is NO way this fits over my head without causing injury.

Luckily, it fits Miss ME!



I plan on using the Expression Fiber Arts yarn for a simple scarf .  Honestly, I have had a very hard time finding a project to use this yarn for.  Any ideas would be great (I have about 300 yards)!

Happy Knitting & Crocheting!

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