It has been a busy few weeks.

I injured my back at work and have had a lot of doctors appointments and Physical Therapy twice a week.

I am also getting a property I own ready for sale (hopefully listing in 2 weeks).

So, I needed a very simple, no need to think project.

Recently on my FB feed has been posts from Hooking for the Homeless (I must have “liked’ a post at sometime).

They post patterns and ideas for charity donations.

I also purchased a copy of Knit Simple Magazine.


I love this particular issue because most of the patterns are just what the name implies-SIMPLE.

For a new knitter there are a bunch of projects I can make.

So, combining these two things I chose to make the  Kids Color Block Scarves to donate.


Stash diving, I found Knit Picks Brava Bulky in browns and decided to make a practice scarf.


Not too bad!  Good enough to donate I think.

So now, I am making a cranberry/white combo and will make a cranberry/grey combo.


Both of these made in Lion Brand Jiffy which a purchased for $1.50/skein last year.

I like the pompoms rather than tassels, so I’ll be adding those to the scarves.

I think I like this magazine enough to purchase a yearly subscription!

Happy Knitting!


20 thoughts on “Colorblock

  1. Sandra Licher says:

    Darling scarves and I also like the pompoms better. Tassels never look very good for very long. You’ did a great job and I would like to get that issue as I love those slippers! LOL! I’m so sorry about your back… affects every move you make. I hope you heal fast and they can fix it. Love the colors you chose for your scarves and how generous of you to donate them to charity. Good luck on your property sale!


  2. Donna says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your back. I hope it heals up fast so you can do what you need to. At least knitting is something you can do while resting. I love the scarf and I love how you did the pompoms. I really don’t like the tassels. It seems like too much to me. With the browns I can almost see bear faces at the ends making the pompoms ears lol Great job and such a great thing to do. School is starting and as the colder weather comes there will be a lot of kids without proper gear at school. Usually the teachers and nurses try to keep them all warm but there are just so many kids that need them.


  3. Marsha Noce says:

    Take care of your back dear. Sounds painful, your scarves are very sweet and I love the pom poms so much. Simple knitting is good for all areas od expertise. Keeps the fingers limber but allows for a vit of meditative knitting. Good for the soul.


  4. Leah says:

    I like the scarf projects and the idea of a simple no thinking knit, just what I need sometimes xx Great colours chosen as well, I think my girls would love these may givebit a try as a christmas present idea xx

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