Yarn Along

With the craziness of the past week, I didn’t finish A Window Opens before it disappeared from my iPad.  Oh well, it happens.

I needed a nice, quick read so I chose some short stories by Nora Ephron.

First up, I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections.


I loved it!

Particularly the story “Old”.

I honestly had to put down the book and have a good laugh after I read one particular funny line.

I finished that book and moved onto Wallflower at the Orgy.

This one, I am not enjoying as much and find myself putting it down quite often.

So, I went onto Overdrive and found Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker.

Written in letter form, this is a good fit for my scattered/can’t concentrate for long self.

This week I am working on my knit color-block scarves and also a simply crochet baby blanket.


Happy reading, crocheting & knitting!

Joining Ginny’s weekly Yarn Along.




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