A Simple Lapghan

In June, Dedri at Look At What I Made revealed her Joy’s Journey Afghan.

In her post she mentioned that she designed this blanket and kit (found here) for Alzheimer and Dementia patients.

Recently, my aunt entered a care facility for Alzheimers.

Although this was a difficult decision for her family to make, it has been a wonderful blessing.

She loves her new home and loves all the social interactions she has with her new friends.

I wanted to make her something for her new home and this blanket seemed to be the right pattern.

I had ten skeins of Bernat Bargello in Plum (90 yards/skein) that I purchased from the Yarn Factory Outlet.

Purple being one of my aunt’s favorite colors, it seemed the perfect yarn to use.


This pattern was based on Dedri’s Continuous Solid Square tutorial, pattern found here.

Ten skeins was enough for me to make a lapghan.

For some reason, my blanket is not a perfect square, it has a slight hourglass shape.


I’m sure if I blocked it would square up, but I don’t have the room to block it properly.

My only dissappointment is the random light purple stitch in the third round.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it until I was quite a ways through the blanket

I will say it is a nice weight blanket and it is soft.

Honestly,as I crocheted, I was so warm and toasty with it on my lap.

I know it will bring her some pleasure!


I also have the kit for Dedri’s Summer in Swanage Crochet Blanket, which I plan on making for myself after I finish my husband’s Honeycomb Blanket.

Her Charlotte Crochet Square is one of my absolute favorite squares.

(You think I like her designs? ??!!!)

Happy Crocheting!

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3 thoughts on “A Simple Lapghan

  1. Stefanie says:

    This is wonderful! I like how the color changes aren’t uniform. It definitely has eye interest and won’t fade into the background of the room. It’ll definitely be a conversation piece whenever someone sees it. I’m sorry your aunt has dementia. My great aunt did years ago; it was such an onslaught when she got diagnosed. I loved her a lot; she was really good to me and my family and damn funny too. She is the one I honor with listening to a hand held radio while listening to baseball.


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