A Single Moment

Sometimes, there is a single moment where you just want to freeze time.

That happened yesterday.

After a busy day of errands, yard work, house cleaning and playing, we  were all showered/bathed and in our pajama’s.

The kids were playing in the playroom, my husband was watching the Patriots and I was reading a book and having a glass of wine.

All of a sudden, my book was taken out of my hands and a sweet four year old boy crawled into my lap.

My husband and I just looked at each other stunned.

He took a picture.


You see, my son didn’t let me hug him or kiss him until he was over three and a half.

He has progressed to seeking out a hug from me or sitting next to me with our arms touching (his version of cuddling).


This was brand new behavior.

Like the day he held my hand rather than me holding his hand, I wanted to stop time and remain in this moment.

He stayed on my lap for about ten minutes then settled into the other end of the couch to play his puzzle game.

THEN, it got even better.

Miss ME sat between us and then she laid down, put her legs on my lap and her head on E’s feet…and he let her!

Could a Sunday end any better?


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