A Simple Knit

2016 is my year to learn knitting.

So far, I have made a shawl, a cowl and scarves.

On my Year of Projects list, I have placed hats and socks at the top of the list.

I purchased Craftsy.com classes for both of these items, but haven’t done the classes yet.

This is due to Craftsy changing the site design and working out the bugs and my shattered iPad.

Recently Target had iPad Minis on sale, but had none in stock (I refuse to pay full price-I’ll just keep checking stock online and then swoop in with my raincheck).

So while I was at Target, I bought a Kindle Fire for basically the loose change I had in my wallet (seriously cheap).

Surprisingly, it is everything I need-books, Overdrive, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

I need to check if I can put the Craftsy app on it.

So I will soon be able to watch my classes.

In the meantime, I had some left over Bernat Bargello Plum yarn from my simple lapghan that I made my aunt.

On the label was a knit hat, made flat and then seamed.

This seemed do-able for me!

Except for the fact that I lost track of my right side and wrong side (placed my marker too late), the fact that I am still iffy on counting knit rows (row counting is so much easier in crochet) and my slightly wonky seaming, I think it turned out pretty good!

I had my cousin look at the picture and she thinks it is cute and her mom would love it!

This picture cracks me up:


Why, hello!

My hat making skills are a work in progress!


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17 thoughts on “A Simple Knit

  1. Marsha says:

    The hat looks great to me. I agree, counting rows in crochet is a dream compared to counting knitted rows. Especially when the item is done in garter stitch. You are doing nicely with you new skills. Hopefully you can get craftsy on your Kindle and be set for your new classes.


  2. Becki says:

    Your hat looks great! It looks like there’s lots going on in the pattern and it provided good practice for different things, yes? I groan at the thought of counting rows in knitting. I know a row counter would help, but I also know I’d forget to click the thing. So far the “knit ’till object is [so] long” is working for me. I really do need to progress beyond that, though, I suppose if I’m going to truly go anywhere with it.


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