Yarny Goodness


Sunday my crochet group, Fishnet Crocheters, met at Craftworks in Northboro, MA.

When in a yarn shop, you…well, shop!

I found cute labels to use for the things I make for my kids, and “Crocheted by” labels for afghans I make for others.

My friend Jean (who is a knitting & crochet goddess) recommended The Magic Loop book for me.

She knows my quest to knit socks in 2016.

She also gave me great advice on yarn to use for my first sock project (which will happen in the dead of winter).

I bought Berroco Vintage Chunky for my hat knitting projects.

I plan on using this pattern to make Miss ME a hat in the purple heather color.

I plan on using the teal and grey to make myself a stripy scarf.

The Encore Colorspun I bought simply because my eye kept being drawn to it!

I love the bag they packaged everything up in!

I decided to treat myself after this weekend.

Friday we closed on the condo we were selling.


I bought that condo as a single girl and lived there until I married my husband.

We then rented the condo to my brother until his death.

It took a year before myself and my family felt ready to empty it out and sell it.

Although I  much rather have kept that condo forever and rented it to Matt, it is good to have the sale done and behind us.

Time moves on and I chose to move on with it and not get stuck in sadness.



4 thoughts on “Yarny Goodness

  1. Monica says:

    Will be looking forward to what you think about the magic loop book. I have tried to knit socks but fall drastically short on the heel flap…
    Change (selling your condo) is hard but necessary. Believe me we have been through our share of it his past month. Happy knitting! 🙂

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