Dublin Beanie

This week I made Bonnie Barker’s Dublin Beanie.

Found in Celtic Cable Crochet.


I can honestly say this is one project I really enjoyed making!

I loved the construction of this hat.

Done in sections, you start with the main body of the hat working flat.

After you join, you add the crown and then the brim.

This worked up super quick and I really love it!

In fact, I wore this yesterday and stopped by a local church craft fair.

I was stopped several times and asked at which table did I buy the hat.

I recently purchased Lion Brand’s Fisherman Wool with the intention of using it for my first pair of socks.

However, I think I may use it to make several of these beanies to donate to Hooking for the Homeless…help keep people warm in New Hampshire (and it is definitely a warm hat, I had to turn the car AC on at one point for a few minutes!).

Last night we went to a Holiday concert a few towns over.

I am an obsessive lover of Christmas music and my husband bought us tickets to a Carpenters Christmas Album Live show (We’ve Only Just Begun-Carpenters Remembered)


The woman’s voice was amazing.

The show was at the Norwood Theater, which was renovated a few years ago.

It was lovely to see the town square decorations and then see a show in this gorgeous theater!

Last but not least, as I looked through my photo stream for these photos I found 150+ selfies of Miss ME!

They weren’t bad, this one was the best:


There is always a sweet surprise when I look though my iPhone photos!

Have a good week!

Happy Crocheting and Knitting!

Find me on Ravelry: MrsMcD918

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted

Color: Wheatfield Drift

Hook: Furls Odyssey 5mm

Linking to: Sew Can Do, Live Randomly Simple, Moogly


17 thoughts on “Dublin Beanie

  1. Stefanie says:

    The little ones are so funny sometimes, yeah? I love it when my kids do stuff like that. Great beanie! How awesome you must have felt to be asked where’d you buy that. That’s one thing I love about crochet…you can stop and start anywhere and don’t have to worry about a disaster of stitches.


  2. Minding My Own Stitches says:

    Great looking hat! Fisherman’s Wool is the perfect yarn for a hat like that! I bet it’s super warm. So sweet of you to make more for the homeless. And wool’s the perfect insulator for people on the street.

    Sounds like a great concert. I have a very sentimental affection for the Carpenters – I grew up with their music.


  3. Sandra Licher says:

    Oh, The Carpenters…..took me right down memory lane! LOL! Your beanie is great looking and I love Celtic anything since I have a lot of Irish in me. So wonderful to be asked where you bought it…next year just pin a bunch to your coat and walk around and sell them….no booth involved! LOL! Your daughter is beautiful…..she is so precious and so excited at this time of year I bet. Have a great week! Oh, wonderful also that you are making for charity.


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      That is exactly what the concert was, a trip down memory lane! I should pin them to my coat! People have already said “if you make another, I’d love one!”. Time to stash dive!


  4. Becki says:

    I love the hat! Did you crochet that with Caron Cake Yarn? If so, I love this project made with it. If it’s not Caron Cake yarn, I love the hat anyway. 🙂 And the concert sounds like a lot of fun. Oh how I loved listening to the Carpenters as a teen and young adult.


  5. Cyra says:

    That sure is a fabulous beanie. Very nice of you to make some more for the homeless. Love the photo-shoot of it too. The Christmas lights helped to set the scene for your trip down memory lane at the Carpenters Remembered concert. I love concerts of any kind, but I now live too far from the major cities where the stars are visiting. Miss ME has the most beautiful eyes, and her cheeky grin reminds me of all the mischief that is just waiting to happen, lol.


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