Cowgirl Meets Boston

Not long ago, across my Facebook feed, came a post from Whistle and Ivy.

It was a guest post by The Fire Fly Hook for a cowl – Cowgirl Meets Minneapolis.

I saved the link and yesterday, I sat down and made it in a few hours.

The pattern calls for sport weight yarn, but I decided to use RedHeart Yarn’s Boutique Treasure in Watercolors.

I have a plethora of this yarn in different colors…found for $1.00/skein at A.C. Moore.

I love the completed project!


I used a little over 1 skein of yarn and a 6mm hook.

I made some slight modifications.

I’m not a fan of putting things over my head or wearing anything tight around me neck (turtleneck shirts and sweaters never enter my house).

This is to be a rather tight fitting cowl that is joined in the back.

I opted to make it a little wider and used a button to close.


I enlarged it by adding to the cowl section.

Starting at the end of Row 4, I made a 90degree turn, chained 1 and did 4 SC down the ends of Row 1-4.


Then back up and then followed the pattern as written.

I did this on both sides (adding a horizontal row of SC’s) to each remaining row.

I created a button hole and sewed a brown button on.

My cowl fits a little looser, which is good as this yarn is a tad itchy.

However, I love how the colors turned out!


I found this pattern very easy and may make another in a softer, more luxurious yarn.

This weeks Yarn Along read is a very light one-Cozy Christmas Shorts: Holiday Short Story Collection by various authors.

Quick, light holiday mystery short stories.

I also downloaded Janet Evanovich’s Turbo Twenty Three (audio version) from Overdrive.

I LOVE the woman who narrates these books!

Happy Reading & Crocheting!

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Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along

Unblocked Cowl:

RedHeart Boutique Treasure

Furls Odyssey 6mm Hook

Random button


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12 thoughts on “Cowgirl Meets Boston

  1. Becki says:

    What a pretty scarf! And you wear it so well. I love all the pictures – showing not only the scarf’s design, but the interesting colors in the yarn you used. What a great find at $1.00/skein. I’ve used this yarn for making a pillow – and it was pricey to make that (relatively) small of an item (even buying the yarn with coupons). Lucky you!


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    You and Becki are my crochet mentors! I love the projects both of you do and they are all so lovely! This cowl is no exception. I love your version with making it a little larger and buttoning as opposed to over the head. Thank you for including your alterations to the original pattern. I’m making your Grey Skies scarf now in the Feng Shui but I need to “loosen up”! LOL! I tend to knit and crochet a little tight. I had to start it when the yarn arrived but now it will languish until after Christmas. What’s next? I am always excited to see what you are up to and you always finish everything….no WIPs at your house! You are my role model! Have a great week and I am so glad you joined our group!


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