2017 Goals

How did I do with my goals of 2016?

Despite some challenges, I did ok!

Run twice a week-rather than setting milage goals – Did well with this until my back injury

Re-join my local YMCA and start going to spin classes again- Joined and did ok until my back injury

Run five 5Ks-Bailey’s Run for Autism, OFTM 5K, Doyle’s 5Miler, Local YMCA 5K, last one TBD- Ran 3 before my injury (would have been 4 but Bailey’s was cancelled due to a freak snow storm): Run for Recovery, YMCA 5K (Run for inclusion), Finish on the 50.

Continue to make charity donations-Winter Warmers (hats/scarves via my crochet group Fishnet Crocheters), The Red Scarf Project, Hospice Lapghans (via Ravelry group), Beth’s Hats for Hope (hats/scarves)-Donated LOTS of hats and scarves to Beth’s  Hats for Hope and Hooking for the Homeless!

See at least two movies in the theater-doesn’t sound like a lofty goal, but I only made it to one this year (Star Wars on 12-29-15. Seriously, I made it to ONE movie this year)-Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts…what a lofty goal LOL.  Although, seriously, I only managed those two!

Participate in CAL/KALS-First ones this year are Melody’s Makings Mini Mystery Create-A-Long and Ravelry’s Red Heart Lovers January CAL/KAL (cowls)- I did two CALs: the Southern Diamond Wrap and Red Heart Lover’s January CAL

Reach/surpass my 2016 GoodReads Reading Challenge goal (30 books)-Completed!

Go to two conferences for professional growth- ZERO

What should be my goals for this year??

  • Read 35 books (I can’t believe my number is low-I used to read 3 books at a time)
  • Learn to sew (a local store has Sewing 101 classes, hopefully my work schedule will allow me to take the 4 week course!)
  • Work out 3 times per week (Now I’ll have 2 hours/day free as Miss ME is starting pre school! Time to get rid of the “2016 s*cked” extra pounds)
  • Complete my Year of Projects List (Work in progress)
  • Continue to donate knit and crochet items (I always have a box ready to fill and send)
  • Make one project per month from one of the many crochet and knitting magazines I purchase (I buy all these magazines and just look at them and plan…never execute)
  • Take more photos (I’ll post to Instagram!)
  • See THREE movies…in the movie theater, not Netflix!
  • Walk 3 5K’s (I’ve been told by my Spine Doctor “if you want surgery Alison, start running and spinning again”.  So, since I don’t want surgery, it looks like power walking and the elliptical will be my cardio from now on)

On New Year’s Eve, I cleaned my basement and created this:


No excuses in 2017!

Power of positive thinking!

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