Mistakes a plenty

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes…

I made a lot of mistakes making my Oats Cowl.

Am I upset?

Not at all.

The main two mistakes:


Knitting in the car waiting for my son.

I was so engrossed in an NPR story that I totally forgot to knit row 2.

Then, I was so far in I just kept going.

Row 1 for as far as the eye could see…



Now, my cowl is reversible!

Next mistake:

I’m terrible at weaving ends into knitting projects.

I really need to watch some Youtube videos about it (it is a lot easier in crochet-lots of nooks and crannies).



I added a charm to the area.


Not only to camouflage it, but to also remind myself that it is all a learning process.

The yarn is warm and soft and it wraps nicely (twice) around my neck.


I’m quite happy and love it!


I used Quince & Co. Osprey in Frost (1.5 skeins) and 5mm circular bamboo needles.

Update:  I wore it out the other day and LOVE IT!



Have a wonderful week!

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9 thoughts on “Mistakes a plenty

  1. Sandra Licher says:

    Your projects are always so classy! I love the cowl especially since it wraps twice….just what I like! I need to make this although Winter here seems to be over….76 today and the Iris and Daffodils are up…not blooming but up. I think there will be an early Spring. I am so slow though that if I start it now I could be done by next Winter and since I am hoping to be up North by then….I will need it! LOL!
    I have yet to use Quince & Co. but I am so wanting to try it. Your cowl looks lovely and I love the pin on it. Every time I watch the Tax Act commercial and see that gal with your hairdo and glasses I think of you! You are both so cute! I’m of an age where I don’t think long hair looks good on me and I have worn my hair in a bun for years….easy peasy for me as I am not ‘good’ with hair. My daughter says it makes me look older…..I AM old…hitting 70 pretty soon so what does she expect? LOL! She’s a sweetie though and we laugh a lot…neither of us take things very seriously.
    Your projects always make me want to start another one. Have a great week!


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      You are sweet! Thank you for your kind comment! I too wear a bun and I managed to get it caught in my car garage door opener the other day as I turned to say something to my daughter (while waiting for the bus). It was quite a spectacle getting it untangled!


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