Sewing 100

Week three of my Sewing 100 class is complete and so is Project #1!



A simple pillow, but I was super proud when my pillow form actually fit in my finished project!

My seams are a little wonky (note to self, fleece was not the best choice fabric to start with-stretchy).

I have already purchased two more pillow forms and Thomas the Tank Engine and Peppa Pig fabric to make additional pillows at home.

This class pillow is for Miss ME and I think she likes it!

I can’t recommend The Creative Sewing Studio in North Attleboro enough!

If you are local to the area, check it out!


Since I am hopeful that I will sew more and more at home, I decided to make our dining room into a creative/sewing space.

We use our dining room table twice a year (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), so it has now become a desk.

I quickly and easily covered some cardboard boxes with paper for books and organization, used a vase for my knitting needles, jars for my crochet hooks and a lidded box for my circular needles and expensive crochet hooks.

Also on the “desk” is our printer and my new sewing machine (I love it!).

I purchased a basic Brother model which, across multiple websites, had only positive reviews.

I need to make a sewing machine cover and pad (I think I can handle that…hopefully!).



I hope to complete Charlotte Part 3 this week.

Have a lovely week (12-18 inches of snow expected here in New England on Tuesday).

8 thoughts on “Sewing 100

  1. Sandra Licher says:

    I love your pillow and your precious and beautiful little girl that also loves it! Your sewing area is SEW nice too! I need to cover some boxes with paper….great idea for corraling things. I can’t wait to see the new fabrics! Have a great week.


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      Thank you! I’m lucky that Miss ME appreciates all the things I make her!
      I have washed the fabric and hope to make the pillows and sewing machine cover during our snow storm! Still on the lookout for a used sewing table at Savers or Salvation Army 🙂


  2. Mary-Anne at Breathing Life says:

    The pillow material is so happy and spring-like. Sorry about the snow. I am hoping ours is done done done. I love the owl your needles are sitting in. Your desk looks so tidy and organized and I am sure you will be able to make a cover for your Brother machine easy peasy.


  3. Stefanie says:

    So neat and tidy. I use our dining area table as my office also. She loves the pillow. How cute! Have a good time at the conference as I’m sure there are so many things to learn and knowledgeable ppl to meet.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Becki says:

    Your first pillow is so cute! And is perfect for Miss ME! Now’s here hoping those beautiful pictures of your craft space can motivate me to clean up and organize my craft space. I have too much stuff, though, and I can see that’s going to be a problem.

    Liked by 1 person

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