I am on a constant quest to find two things: the perfect mascara and the perfect bag.

I think the mascara quest will be life long.

The other, I can do something about.

I decided it is time to make my own perfect bag.

I made this tote bag in my sewing class.


Right now, I am using it to hold fabric.

I like how sturdy it is and how well it holds its shape.

I liked the material (canvas and cotton) and think it would be a good sturdy bag.

I need to have a cross body strap though.

I found this tutorial online and loved the bag and how the strap was attached.

I decided to try to make it with inexpensive cotton.


It turned out cute and I learned a lot…a lot of things I would do differently to tweak it.

It has 3 pockets both outside and inside.



This bad is too floppy for me though.

I can use this to keep kid supplies in the car.

I think I am going to combine the two patterns and make a fun summer cross body tote bag!

I love the orange and white circles and plan on using that along with some cream canvas!

Have a good week!

Linked to: Craft Dictator


4 thoughts on “Practice

  1. Sandra Licher says:

    You have really gone way beyond me in the sewing world! Both bags are so pretty. First of all the canvas is probably better for sturdiness but you can also use fusible interfacing in different weights (light, medium, heavy) to make your cotton fabric sturdier. As for the mascara…..I can’t help you there as I don’t wear eye makeup….it bothers my eyes.


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