Yarn Along

A good friend of mine recently gave me several knitting books.

I decided to use The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton to learn some new stitches.

I love Gansey Patterns and chose Lightning to start with.


Sometimes a small project is just what you need-quick satisfaction!


A stomach bug has hit our house 😦

I was first hit and, since I was in bed all day Tuesday, I used the time to listen to an audio book.

First up was Bell, Book and Scandal by Jill Churchill.

A quick audio book and perfect for when you can’t really concentrate.

Then I started Knit The Season by Kate Jacobs.

I’ve read the Friday Night Knitting Club, so I was familiar with the characters.

So far, so good.

I’m still reading A Slice of Murder and working on my crochet sweater and my Charlotte Square.

Poor Miss ME is laying next to me as I type this…second hit in the plague 😦

Hopefully, the week improves at Summer Street.

Joining The Room of Rachell’s Yarning Along.


13 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. The Little Room of Rachell says:

    You’ve reminded me I have a crochet and knitting one by the same writer. I should try knitting some little patches to practice new stiches.
    See? You’ve inspired me, thank you!

    I hope you’re back to full steam ahead now and your little one gets over it soon.


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    Oh, it’s os awful to be a sick Mom when you have a little one….the only thing worse is being a sick Mom with a healthy little one! I hope you both get over ‘the bug’ soon. I didn’t know Kate Jacobs had a new book out….I’ve read 2 so I better go check….there might be more! Your Knitting Bible looks good too. How smart you are to practice stitches and make a cute little coffee/tea cozy.


  3. Vikki says:

    That’s a cute little cup cozy. I love experimenting with stitch dictionaries and years ago made a throw made of squares featuring whatever stitch patterns I fancied.

    Hope you’re all better soon.


  4. Stefanie says:

    Oh ick. I’m sorry your crew got hit with that. That is never fun. The cup cozy is cute and it’s always a plus to make something that’s environmentally friendly.


  5. Patch says:

    Oh no! Hope you are all over your ickiness soon, not fun. Seriously impressed with the knitting… my knitting skills are pretty basic. Think I need to try some simple patterns next.


  6. Becki says:

    Your knitting stitches are so perfect! I’m so sorry that a stomach bug has come to visit your home. I hope it doesn’t spread to everyone, and that you get completely well soon


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