Weekly Weigh In

This week’s weight loss is a true testament to the power of tracking your food.

My workouts were minimal this week, but I tracked everything and planned for my work days and a day at the hospital.

Happy to report I am down 1lb.

(I’m liking these 1 and 1.2lb weight losses, I’m usually a .5lb loss girl).

Sadly, no new recipes this week.

Although I did try some different Trader Joe’s marinades for chicken (love, but you need to marinate for a long time to get a great tasting chicken) and Trader Joe’s Sangria (which I used to top off seltzer water for a low calorie adult beverage).


Saturday: Piyo Sweat

Sunday: 22 Minute Hard Corps Cardio 1

Monday: Worked overtime-no workout

Tuesday: 21 Day Fix Upper Body

Wednesday: No workout.  Was at Children’s Hospital with my son having some test done (he’s fine).


(after the testing, relaxing at a window watching the world from high above)

Thursday: 90+ Degrees, I spent 3 hours gardening and putting a play house together (which was a true test of my upper body strength-that thing was NOT fun to put together). Also, E came home sick from school.


(thankful that they like it-it was a workout to put it together)

Friday: Long day at work and an 2 hour commute home-no workout.

My WW group is having a 6 week contest.

Maybe contest is the wrong word, but you need to challenge yourself to try something new each week.

This week, I am going to try some 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts.

Have a good week!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. Stefanie says:

    Congrats on the one pound loss. Good luck with the fix extreme workouts. It’s admirable how you challenge yourself. And oh boy, kudos to you on all of that gardening and playhouse assemblage.


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