Yard Sale Find

Right now, I am using my sewing machine on my dining room table.

Wouldn’t be a bad set up, except we have a pub height table.

I have to put the foot pedal on boxes so the cord will reach the machine…makes for awkward sewing.

Luckily, a yard sale came to the rescue!

I found this table for $20.00


I vacuumed and cleaned 60-70 years of grime off it and I think it looks pretty good!


I took out the holder for the sewing machine to clean it, it is now back in place.

Inside was a Singer Model 301A.


The power cord and foot pedal cords are frayed and it looks pretty dirty.

It is missing the tension knob, but looking online, it seems this is a model you can find parts easily for.

Also, the bobbin case and a bobbin and thread  from years ago are in the machine.

In a drawer were multiple presser feet and needle packages.

I plan on taking the machine to a repair man in Providence my sewing teacher swears by.

It would be awesome if I could get it working again for not a ton of $$.



This website (devoted to Singer Model 301 and 301A) is a wealth of information.

Seems this model was released in 1951 and was the “First Slant-needle Sewing Machine”.

1952 Oct

The man I purchased it from (who was holding his granddaughter to give you an idea of his age) said this machine was his mother’s and had been sitting in the basement for 20+ years.

He was pleased it was going to someone who would use it.

If the machine can not be repaired, I’ll still have a great table to sit at and sew!

Have a good week!


2 thoughts on “Yard Sale Find

  1. Stefanie says:

    Cool find! I actually had my mum’s old Singer and sewing table but we got rid of it before we had moved. Our house is really small so there’s no place for it really.


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    What a find! The cupboard looks beautiful and those old machines ran like troupers! You might end up loving the machine more that the cupboard you bought it for. You are very fortunate!


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