Weekly Weigh In


This week, I weighed in one day early as I wasn’t going to be able to go today.

Down 0.8lb.

More importantly, that brought me to TEN pounds lost!

All those 0.5lb add up.

This week, life really took over and I barely tracked and only managed one workout…sad, I know.

At least this proves that good food choices are becoming my norm after 6 weeks of tracking.


Sat. & Sun.:  Time spent with the kids in the back yard, Touch a Truck, playground. Passed 10K steps each day.

Monday: I tried the new BeachBody workout You V2.  I broke a light sweat, but boy was it a fun relaxing workout, which I needed.  I was having flashbacks to college when I tried to do aerobics.  I was instantly reminded why I do not do aerobics-I am very directionally challenged and basically my arm and legs like to work independently of each other, not “together”.  However, like I said it was a fun workout.  This would be great for someone just starting to exercise who is intimidated.  No complicated moves, no bouncing/jumping or weights. The instructor’s enthusiasm is contagious!

The rest of the week was taken up by a wake, funeral and neurologist appointments for the kids.

I really needed to spend time with my kids playing, reading books and snuggling rather than working out.

It helped with my sadness over the death of my uncle.

You need to do what is right in the moment.

Have a good week 🙂


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