Charlotte Part 4

Happy Memorial Day.

I thought it was fitting to work on something red, white and blue.

I completed Part 4 of my Charlotte Square Blanket.


I am totally making up this blanket from Part 4 on.

Included in this part:

Round 1: Double Crochet Back Loops

Round 2: Back Post Half Double Crochet

Round 3: Popcorns

Round 4: Double Crochet

Round 5: Asian Fans (I used instructions from Inning 9 of the Around the Bases CAL)

Round 6: Single Crochet (in the asian fan double crochets) Half Double Crochet (in the asian fan single crochet)

Round 7: Granny Stripe (Attic 21).


I plan on repeating Round 7 in white and blue.

Suggestions for additional rounds welcome 🙂

Parts 1-3



Totally nothing to do with the subject, here is a screen shot of my photos on my iPhone (someone had fun taking selfies):


Have a good week!

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8 thoughts on “Charlotte Part 4

  1. Becki says:

    I just love your Charlotte Square Blanket. The red, white and blue is so lively and gorgeous. And the snapshots of your little girl are so fun and sweet.


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    That Around the Bases blanket/throw is delightful and yes, I too worked with red, white and blue on Memorial Day……your little sweetie in all those selfies…..too cute… the concentration with the tongue out! LOL!


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