Big Steps at Sodor

Recently, one of my followers commented that she didn’t know I had a son.

I realized, I don’t post many pictures of him or discuss him here on the blog a great deal.

Basically, that is because he is not a selfie taking, fashion risk taker, camera hog like his sister is!

He also won’t wear anything I make him.

Here is the last time he wore my hand made hats (loom knitted hats):




I now knit and crochet him cute winter hats, but he will only wear hats Grampa gets him at the dollar store…to each his own!

My son E is a sweet, kind, giggly, hardworking, almost FIVE year old!

He is also a Thomas the Tank Engine fanatic!

We are very lucky to live near Thomas Land.

It is a great park-small, contained, clean and adorable!

We went yesterday and E had two BIG things happen.

First, he chose to go on many rides!

This is huge.

Last year, he just watched and would panic if we attempted a ride.

This year, he chose to go on the rides (some more than once!).




The second thing is major for me.

He saw me on the windmill ride with Miss ME and he yelled out “Mama”.

He also said it two more times when my husband asked “who is that”.

E is nonverbal and uses an iPad to communicate.

Some people might not hear the “Mama”, but we hear it clear as day!

He has been saying “Da” for my husband for a few weeks, but this  “Mama” was big!!

He wasn’t asked to say it, he did it spontaneously!

Next year, E moves on to a new school and new teachers and therapists.

This week we had a great meeting with the new team including the principle.

Although we will miss his current team greatly, we are excited about all the new learning  challenges he will face! (Plus, we’ll still see the current team next year as they are also Miss ME’s teachers and therapists).

Today is the kids Family Field Day and I was lucky to have a co-worker take my shift so I can attend.

We have had a fun week!

E saw Thomas and Friends, Miss ME was able to go into Dinoland and tell me all about the dinosaurs (she seriously knows her stuff) and field day today!





Have a good weekend!



6 thoughts on “Big Steps at Sodor

  1. juliascreativeyear says:

    That is so exciting to hear about. Even little steps are massive for kids, and those are two huge steps. I can only imagine how you must have felt hearing your son call your name. I delighted in hearing any new words /vocalisations from some of the children I worked with when I was a speech and language therapist and none of them would have been half as powerful as hearing your son call mama. Thank you for sharing that, it’s such a lovely thing to have heard at the end of a long and tiring week.


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    What beautiful and precious children you have and what an exciting moment to hear “mama”…..thank you for sharing your children as I miss them. We have no children in our neighborhood and I really miss seeing them and interacting with them. What a lovely family you have.


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