Year of Projects 2017/2018

A new Year of Projects is upon us!

You can find the group on Ravelry and post your projects on Sundays.

Here is my list of projects I hope to complete in the Year of Projects 2017/2018:

  • Finish my two half finished ponchos.

  • Finish my Carleton Sweater
  • Knit one pair of socks
  • Complete my Charlotte Afghan
  • Make My Rose Valley’s Pine Tree Wrist Warmers (pattern purchased last year)
  • Knit my kids a Rainbow Blanket (yarn and needles  are purchased)
  • Knit the JoJi Mystery Wrap (although the Mystery is over, I still want to make it!)


  • Donate hats, ear warmers and scarves to Hooking for the Homeless (knit, crochet and sewn)
  • Create my own crafting room (dining room will now be MY room!)
  • Refurbish my Singer 301A sewing machine (found at a yard sale)

  • Sew an article of clothing for myself or Miss ME using a purchased pattern  (can be something as simple as an apron)
  • Learn how to use patterns (take Patterns 101 at my local sewing shop)
  • Improve my quilting, sewing, knitting skills by taking a class (in person or completing a class)
  • Go on my sewing instructors trip to NYC in October, visit fabric shops and yarn shops

Looking forward to everyone’s posts over the year!

Find me on Ravelry: MrsMcD918

16 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2017/2018

  1. Becki says:

    Lots of wonderful things you hope to accomplish! And oh my – I love the picture of the old sewing machine. I hope it refurbishes well. I’d love to have such a neat (and usable) vintage machine.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Your vintage Singer rocks. I had my mum’s old one in the city but we gave it away; it wasn’t working. I hope someone gave it a good home. Great list here and what a nice variety. I have fun seeing what you’re working on. Hug!


  3. PJ says:

    What a great list! I love the variety in your list. I can’t wait to see how that purple poncho comes out. Those colors are beautiful.


  4. Sandra Licher says:

    How did I miss this? I guess I need to go back during the week and check….my grands were here so maybe that’s why? Anyway, so glad you are back this year as I always love your projects and you are so inspiring! I can’t wait to see all these projects and lucky you going to NYC to visit fabric and yarn shops? Heaven!


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