Birthday Crafting

My son E turned FIVE this past Wednesday!

I can’t believe my baby is five!

He has faced so many challenges and works so hard everyday.

We couldn’t be prouder of him.


Years ago a friend of mine gave us a train table (as E has always been obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine).

The table was large with drawers and was pretty awesome.

At the time we didn’t have furniture in the play room so it fit well in there.

However, at the time E just wanted to play with his trains close to his face so he could watch the wheels turn (typical behavior in Autism)

He really didn’t use the train table at all.

So, eventually I sold the train table and tracks at a yard sale.

What happened?

Well, of course, E suddenly became interested in train tables (loves the set up at Barnes & Noble) and playing with his trains rather than just watching the wheels turn.

I decided that an actual train table is just too large to fit in the play room now that furniture is in there.

What to do?

I went to Walmart and purchased a small folding camp table, spray paint and super glue.

On Amazon, I found iPlay, iLearn 80 PCS Construction site Wood Train set.

Although this set had a small amount of reviews, they were all glowing (I agree-it is well made and very cute and most importantly works with his Thomas trains ).

I spray painted the camp table and then super glued the train set (although, trees were quickly ‘unglued’ by my apparently super strong kids).

The table is light enough to pick up and move around the house.

We gave it to E Saturday morning and he is loving it!

I know the track and road  are well secured with the glue, I anticipate the small pieces (trees/stop signs) will become unglued and lost.

At Christmas time, I plan on purchasing Christmas Village trees and things at The Christmas Tree Shop or AC Moore so I’ll have a supply to replace ancillary pieces.

Here is to a successful, happy 5th year!

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11 thoughts on “Birthday Crafting

  1. Becki says:

    The train table you made is wonderful! And how great that is easily picked up and moved. You are so clever and creative, Ali! Oooh! and what a fun cake you decorated. Love.


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    What a great Mom you are! Happy belated birthday to E and he’s such a cutie. I love trains myself so I can appreciate the fascination. He looks very happy with his birthday present.


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