Weekly Weigh In

Poor, Poor, Poor Choices

I made very poor food choices this week.

As in, pizza four times.

I made one new recipe though.

Lemon Rosemary Chicken from Weight Watchers Everyday Delicious.


I love this cookbook!

The chicken was yummy (even if I did overcook it a tad).

I did try to offset my poor choices with exercise.


Monday: Spin class (*19 miles* So glad I made it back to class after a hiatus. Will have to miss next week due to work, but will be back the week after)

Tuesday: Blond Ponytail Fitness Strength Routine (20 Minutes)  Was short on time, so this was perfect.

Thursday: 0.25 mile warm up, 2 mile run, 0.25 cool down

Friday: 0.25 mile warm up, 2 mile run, 0.25 cool down

All in all, I was up 0.2 pounds this week (insert huge sigh of relief here).

Starting this week off right with a banana and WW apple cinnamon oatmeal while the rest of the house has Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast.

Have a good week!

(4.2 pounds to lose until reaching WW goal)


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