First Attempt

I have begun working on my Year of Projects!

In my quest to make clothes from patterns, I am starting out with simple store bought patterns for non clothing.

I need lots of practice.

I would love to take my local sewing studio’s Patterns 101 class, but the 6 week class doesn’t work with my schedule at this time.

The first item I have made is from Butterick B5767 (Sewing room essentials).


I chose the ironing board organizer as the first project.


I say I need lots of practice because when I was all done and turned it right side out, I realized I had sewn the back pocket on so the wrong side was facing.


Since this is going to be the pocket for the iron cord, I just left it (won’t bother me at all since it can’t really be seen).

**Note to self, check all pieces are sewn correctly before sewing together**

Of course, that is easier said than done as I have found sometimes my brain doesn’t see/comprehend how the steps will end up the finished product clearly…

I love the fabric and had purchased it from a clearance section with no real plan in mind.


I’m sure I have enough to make something else from the pattern.

Here is to practice, practice, practice.

Hopefully someday I’ll be able to make all the clothing patterns I have purchased and look at fondly 😉

Have a good week!

13 thoughts on “First Attempt

  1. Marsha says:

    Oh sweetie……………..I have been sewing for over 40 years and I still find myself making mistakes in assembling pattern pieces after being cut out. I think it still looks fantastic. What a great idea for the ironing board too. That material is so bright and cherry (cheery). You are doing fantastic with your sewing. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Wait until you make a piece of clothing and find out you put the sleeves in backwards and have to take them out and redo them. That will make you say things you never thought would come out of your mouth LOL.


  2. Sandra Licher says:

    I am like you…for some reason I cannot visualize it properly. I sewed for years many moons ago but now I haven’t sewn for as many years so it is like starting over again and you are doing way better than I am! I am so motivated by your projects and your beautiful finished objects! What gorgeous cherry fabric….and a great pattern! Have a great week!


  3. dorothyoz says:

    I think your ironing board caddy is excellent and I love that fabric – so bright and cheerful, it might even make ironing less of a chore 🙂 I’m into project bags at the moment and when I first glimpsed that fabric I thought that’s what you were making. Good luck with your sewing adventures. xox


  4. Mary-Anne at Breathing Life says:

    I too have trouble with the visualizing and often have to re-do something, or leave it as a design element. Your post reminds me of all the dresses I sewed for myself when I was younger and all the things I sewed for my children. That last thing I sewed was a Christmas Stocking for my new son-in-law. You have inspired me to get back to it.


  5. Rain Frances says:

    Great start! I love that fabric! Practice and patience is the key! 🙂 I started sewing as a teenager, and I pretty much learned on my own and there were many a time I had a sleeve or pant leg sewn on the wrong way lol…but we all make those mistakes, even the more seasoned sewers do! I think it’s great that you’re sewing. I personally NEED a pattern to sew, I’m not a “winger” when it comes to making clothes at all. But the process is fun. I have to find some fabric because I ordered a pattern for pj’s for the winter and I want some nice-fitting flannels to keep me warm! 🙂


    • MrsMcD918 says:

      Thanks! Before this, I did project from books where I used a ruler to measure out the pieces. I love so many real patterns though and am dying to make them. I go crazy when there is a sale on patterns…I have so many queued up!


  6. Becki says:

    I think you’ve done a beautiful job with that ironing board organizer. I love that fabric. I’ll echo all the others who commiserate with the making of mistakes. They happen. You’ll learn through them. And yep… some choice words will likely slip out from time to time. =^( That said, everything you make is lovely and inspires me in some way.

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