Yarn Along

I had a tough time finding a book to read this week.

Everything I picked up did not hold my interest (4 books from the library and 2 from my kindle stash of books).

Then I remembered I had purchased Fannie Flagg’s The Whole Town’s Talking for my husband last christmas.

Elmwood Springs, Missouri, is a small town like any other, but something strange is happening at the cemetery. Still Meadows, as it’s called, is anything but still. Original, profound, The Whole Town’s Talking, a novel in the tradition of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town and Flagg’s own Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, tells the story of Lordor Nordstrom, his Swedish mail-order bride, Katrina, and their neighbors and descendants as they live, love, die, and carry on in mysterious and surprising ways.


I am reading this book quickly.

I love Fannie Flagg books and it has been so nice to revisit the folks of Elmwood Springs (Welcome to the World Baby Girl, Standing in the Rainbow and Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven being the first three books).

I also love how there was a reference to a character from The All Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion.

This weeks project is a knitting one.

I’ll be finishing this today or tomorrow and will post about it on Sunday.

How I love knitting with bulky yarn!


This week, we took the kiddos to The Children’s Museum in Easton.

They were having an Autism event after the museum closed to the public.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

The kids had a great time and it was relatively stress free for us.


We were able to be astronauts, pirates, train conductors and even stage actors with face paint galore!

Looking forward to our next visit!

Have a good week!

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2 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Sandra Licher says:

    I love Fannie Flagg but have not read but one…why I don’t know! Thanks for the reminder and also I did not know there was a series. Your knitting project looks interesting and I love the colors and the stitch marker. The kids looked like they were having a great time! They are so cute! I was working with some LB Chunky yarn this week but it seems to hurt my hands more but it could be that I knit and crochet tightly too. I keep trying to ‘loosen up’ but the sore hands tell me I am not succeeding! LOL! Do your hands get sore?

    Liked by 1 person

    • MrsMcD918 says:

      Interesting- My hands hurt the thinner the yarn and needles. Keep in mind I am a new knitter though, so it is more satisfying for me to work with chunky yarns-I finish quicker!
      I love Fannie Flagg too!


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