A while back I purchased Simplicity 8358 and decided to give it a try.


Now, I’m new to following paper patterns and I don’t tend to make anything that isn’t straight lines (even those are tough for me!).

I happened to have orange and grey flannel in my stash, so I gave the fox a try.

Mine don’t really look like the picture, but they were made with the best of intentions!


You can’t tell in the picture (and it looks kind of weird in the picture), but there is zigzag stitching around all the appliqué and the tails.

They are kind of pathetic looking, but hey they are squishy and soft and good for squeezes.

Everything is a learning experience!

Have a good week!

5 thoughts on “Foxes

  1. The Little Room of Rachell says:

    It is interesting that where you put the eyes and how you do them on toys really does alter their personality, as the above commenter says. The eyes on the pattern picture are higher up on the face, maybe that’s why your foxes look different as they’re lower down? I really like them and they don’t look ridiculous at all !

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  2. juliascreativeyear says:

    They’re not pathetic… I think they’re fab. They might not look exactly like the picture but that would be boring, but they do definitely look like foxes and as you say they are squishable and cuddly. You’ve done a fab job 😊🦊 and they are way cuter than this mean and grumpy looking fox emoji!

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