Yarn Along and a First!

First, my First!

My First Garment!


A simple tank.

Is it perfect?


Am I pleased with it?


(This was a project on my Year of Projects)

My neck and arm hole binding is far from perfect, but it fits 😉

It totally needs to be worn under a sweater, but since I LOVE fall, that works for me!

The pattern, Simple Summer Tank,  is free from Life Sew Savory.

Fabric is from Joann Fabrics, Designs by Gertie.

It is super soft and whisper light.

It has given me the push to start opening all the pattern packages I have and tackling the garments I have been wanting to make for some time.

(I see why it is good to have a dress form when trying to hem garments.)

As for my books this week…

We have had a tough time in our little town recently as a tragedy happened to a family at my daughters school.

My mind can’t wrap around it and I really need distraction to keep myself from becoming upset.

I really need a light, don’t have to think too much book.

So, I downloaded Charlaine Harris’ Three Bedrooms, One Corpse (Aurora Teagarden #3):

Deciding if she wants to go into real estate becomes a life-or-death choice for Aurora “Roe” Teagarden. A naked corpse is discovered at her first house showing. And when a second body is found in another house for sale, it becomes obvious that there is a very cool killer at large in Lawrenceton, one who knows a great deal about real estate-and maybe too much about Roe.


I finished that quickly and downloaded #5, Dead Over Heels:

What’s the world coming to – when you can’t relax with an ice-cold beverage in your own backyard without a body falling from the sky and landing in your garden? Part-time librarian and frequent amateur investigator Roe Teagarden has good reason to ask herself this question when the remains of one of the Lawrenceton, Georgia police department’s finest catapults into her flower bed one beautiful sunny morning. Roe’s friend and bodyguard, the long-legged, bikini-clad Angel Youngblood, is mowing the grass and Roe is reclining on a lounger when a small red-and-white plane flies low overhead and drops its unlikely debris more or less at Roe’s feet. Roe’s husband of two years, wealthy businessman Martin Bartell, immediately wonders if the killer chose his dumping place to send some kind of message to Roe. And the mystery deepens when two federal agents arrive in town to investigate the murder. It’s only when Madeleine the cat provides a clue that Roe and Martin realize Roe herself may be in danger and that using Roe’s yard as a temporary landfill for dead bodies was no accident.


Sometimes, you just want a cozy mystery.

Have a good week!

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4 thoughts on “Yarn Along and a First!

  1. Stefanie says:

    Cozies can be fun to read. There is a quilting one which had a first book that I liked: Forget Me Knot by Mary Marks. Good job on the garment. I will get there. I need to make two tote bags to finish up gifts.


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